Lerman Law Firm Issues Consumer Protection Warning On South Florida Roofing Contractor ABC Roofing Corp. And City Of Coral Springs Building Department

Lerman Law Firm (Cathy Jackson Lerman, PA) is issuing a consumer protection alert against ABC Roofing Corp. out of Coral Springs, Florida, suing fraud, violation of Florida Unfair and Misleading Commercial Practices Act, breach of contract, negligence, violating the Florida Building Code, and more than $30,000 in damage to their Coral home caused by improper roofing Springs.

Lawyer Cathy Lerman hired ABC Roofing to replace their old roof with a new, updated roof system. She filed the complaint in Broward County Circuit Court after suffering significant delays, poor processing, and ABC’s unwillingness to improve the situation.

According to the terms of the contract, ABC Roofing was to provide services such as removing the previous roof, replacing any rotten cladding, re-nailing the old roof deck, and installing the new roof system. According to the complaint filed in Broward County Circuit Court, ABC was unable to provide these services in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and building code, leaving Lerman with a partially installed, faulty, and leak-prone roof that cost thousands more to repair.

The lawsuit came after ABC refused to reimburse part of the project fee or otherwise pay for the damage caused by it, including fees for work not performed.

“I’m appalled by what I went through with ABC Roofing,” said Lerman. “To make matters worse, I can’t understand how the Coral Springs Construction Department overlooked the myriad of Code violations. I hope this lawsuit will result in better accountability not only for ABC but also for the construction department so that others will not suffer from the same problems I faced. I also expect regulators to investigate this matter and determine exactly how this roof passed the Coral Springs Construction Department’s inspection TWICE when it was clearly and completely inconsistent with the Florida Building Code. “

The ABC website states: “Our reputation is based on honesty, loyalty and a commitment to excellent service and satisfying all of our customers’ needs.”

ABC should stand by his words and please their customers, ”added Lerman. “Coral Springs residents should not assume that the work was performed correctly or in accordance with the Florida Building Code just because the construction department approves a contractor’s work. I urge residents who have installed new roofs to have their roofs checked by a reputable roofing expert to see if they have been installed according to manufacturer specifications and building codes, especially if they have used ABC Roofing Corp, ”Lerman said.

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