Lerman Law Firm Issues North America-Wide Fraud Alert Concerning Major Ponzi Scheme

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Lerman Law Firm (Cathy Jackson Lerman, P.A.) is issuing a Fraud Alert warning residents in North America of potential scams being perpetrated in Canada and the United States. Investors are warned that affiliates of the Palm Beach County-based Hawk Systems, Inc. Ponzi scheme are using aliases and some may be posing as residents/citizens of Canada. Their alleged criminal activity has reportedly spread into personal protective equipment (PPE) fraud and legitimate buyers of these critical supplies are their targets. 

Investors and PPE buyers are urged to come forward if they have had any interaction whatsoever with the following entities:

  • Hawk Systems, Inc.
  • Hawk Biometrics of Canada, Inc.
  • Hawk Biometric Technologies, Inc.
  • DNA Distro, LLC
  • DNA Global Entities, LLC
  • DNA Global Properties, LLC
  • DNA Companies Inc. 

These sophisticated fraudulent schemes run the gamut from solicitation of investors to purchase stock in nonexistent or shell companies to commercial offers to sell large quantities of PPE which do not exist. Information obtained by the Lerman Law Firm indicates that some of the same principals of the Hawk Ponzi Schemes are now conducting these new scams.

In particular, an individual named “David Columbo,” a named affiliate of one or more of these Florida-based “DNA” companies, may be operating one or more of these schemes with multiple accomplices both male and female. Columbo is using a cell phone number of (561) 329-6800.

The Lerman Law Firm has already gathered information from multiple whistleblowers and victims related to some of these companies and is investigating the extent to which this fraud has spread. There is currently a shareholder derivative suit pending in Palm Beach County concerning the investment scheme involving the Hawk entities and some of these individuals and companies are named defendants.

Anyone with information should immediately contact Cathy Lerman, principal of the Lerman Law Firm at clerman@lermanfirm.com  or 954-343-1132.

In addition, any whistleblowers, other potential victims or anyone able to offer information in this investigation are encouraged to contact Lerman directly.

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