INTERNATIONAL INVESTIGATION ALERT BY LERMAN LAW FIRM: Criminal Fraud Complaint Filed in Athens Against Bluehouse Capital Real Estate Investment/Management Principals

Following the filing of a Criminal Complaint with prosecutors in Athens, Greece, against Ioannis Delikanakis, Victor (Vittorio) Pisante, and Charalampos (Mpampis) Pandis—principals of Bluehouse Capital L.P., and Bluehouse Accession Holdings III S.a.R.L. (Bluehouse)—the Lerman Law Firm has initiated an investigation into the numerous, detailed allegations of fraud.

The Criminal Complaint was filed by their business partner, Secure Property Development & Investment PLC (SPDI), a Cyprus-based, publicly traded (London Stock Exchange) real estate development and investment company and includes referenced supported documents.

“These detailed allegations of fraud, fraudulent concealment, misrepresentation, and fraud in the inducement outlined in the Criminal Complaint are extremely severe,” said Cathy Lerman, Principal of the Lerman Law Firm, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “The continuous, unabated, and illegal conduct alleged to have been used by the Bluehouse principals to defraud SPDI would, in the United States, absolutely be considered ‘an organized scheme to defraud.’”

“The concern with this type of criminal case against an international company is always that it is often the ‘tip of the iceberg,’ Ms. Lerman continued. “Our firm tries to protect investors by sounding an alarm when we come upon serious fraud allegations such as these—that are very detailed, contain documented evidence of fraudulent intent, and specify conduct consistent with an intent to defraud.”

The Criminal Complaint alleges fraudulent conduct by Ioannis Delikanakis, Victor (Vittorio) Pisante, and Charalampos (Mpampis) Pandis including, but not limited to:

  1. Providing fraudulent valuations and financial records of Bluehouse property to SPDI upon which it made investments.
  2. Failing to pay 15 months of dividends due to SPDI from properties it managed for Bluehouse.
  3. Failing to produce documents material to legal and financial due diligence requests by SPDI.

In February 2019, the Board of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission fined Bluehouse Investment Advisors Ltd. due to its failure to “functionally separate the function of risk management from the function of portfolio management,” a serious compliance failure for a private equity company. 

Victims, witnesses, and whistleblowers with knowledge of fraudulent acts by Ioannis Delikanakis, Victor (Vittorio) Pisante, and Charalampos (Mpampis) Pandis—as well as their known associates or affiliated entities—are urged to immediately report all relevant information to law enforcement or securities regulators in their jurisdiction.

Any victims, witnesses, and whistleblowers seeking assistance may contact Florida attorney Cathy Lerman, Esq., principal of The Lerman Law Firm, at 954-332-1143 or via email at


– Criminal Complaint (English): LINKED HERE
– Criminal Complaint (Greek):  LINKED HERE
– International Investigation Alert (Greek):  LINKED HERE

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